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  at East Bend


 A Yadkin County Wine Country   Bed & Breakfast

About the House.........​

Fondly known as the "Drummers Home" by the local townspeople
         the big blue and white house on Main Street is a landmark to East Bend. 
                 Presenting a striking appearance as it towers above the lowered street level,
      this beautifully weathered 100 year old home was once a hotel for travelers.
                                The old wooden sign still graces the walls of the light-filled front parlor and the
                                         original brass room numbers remain on the antique five-panel guestroom doors.

.........About us

We are Ken & Christy, both native born Californians.  After many years of visiting North Carolina, we made a move here in 2013.
The beautiful countryside & stunning skies are things that drew us to North Carolina.  The character of this house led us to East Bend.   The people here, generous and warm,  are the cherry on top.
We strive to carry on with the original owner's desire to offer accommodations that provide a distinct  contrast to modern tension and to invite friends,
old and new,
to share in the simplicity and richness that this old house offers.
109 E. Main Street
East Bend
North Carolina 27018



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